Frequently asked questions FORWARD

The stand point  :

There is a wide fleat of second hand multi hulls that are not easy and expansive to maintain in good shape and even impossible to boost. Most new parts are to be sold with old design and at very high price.

The concept :

Forward Sailing proposes innovative accessories at good price in order to boost performance and fun to sail on sports multihulls.

The process:

Fan of multihulls and funboard, we decided to join passion and business in creating Forward Sailing to give more fun to sails.
Thanks to high experience in sport product development and long hours of sailing testing , here is our new well finish and performing 2008 range.

Why Forward-sailing products are so competitve in price?

We know the value of your catamaran is often lower than the price of anew set of sails purchased in the traditional network. We decided to enable owners of old boats to replace their sails and equipments for getting pleasure in sailing, at low cost. For this we launch big quantities of sails on each production to propose them in direct on internet. You benefit trom a factory price with the same quality than many more expensive products.

Who develop Forward-sailing products ?

Our engineer background and high experience in sailing, we develop our sails and accessories on computer programs, then directly with factories through several prototypes and we keep improving our design thanks to the feedback and support of all our collaborators/end users.

I don't find my Cat model in your sails and accessories offer?

We don’t make custom sails but always focus on high volume cats series which allow us to be competitive in price. If we have several requests from same cat series, we will then launch a production. So contact us with clear request on Cat model.

Who is producing Forward-sailing products ?

We work with sails lofts and factories in Asia, most of the time sub contractors for several years of well known sail brands. We visit them 5 times a year to check and control quality and working conditions.

Warranty on Forward-sailing products?

All Forward-sailing products are guarantied 1 year starting from purchase against production issues.

Special offer for sailing goods dealer :

Forward sailing is looking for dealers who will get special price offer on a part of our range.
Please, contact us with short introduction of your business.