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In complement of the fat head mainsails we have also set up a range of downwind sails.
Spinnakers with patch to use with a snuffer kit, you will find references compatible with Hobie Cat 15 and 16, Formula 18 with 2 version of spinnakers : trough (racing) or flat (raid) and even a reacher.
Already commonly used on sport multihulls and on M2 of the Leman Lake, FORWARD SAILING applied with success this concept to 18 feet catamarans.
With a surface of 21sqm and a heavy spinnaker fabric (1,5oz), this code 0 enables to create your own apparent wind in light condition. Very efficient, it is faster to reach the speed of the wind by less than 10 knots.
You can launch it from a bag on the trampoline or install it on a furling system at the front of the pole, the launch of the CODE 0 is very easy. This sail will soon become a substitute of the asymetric spinnaker for those who practice raid.
  • GENAKER/REACHER 18.5m2 For 18 feet multihulls, Magnum 21, Sun 20
    756,24 €
  • Flat Spinnaker Catamaran F18
    756,24 €
  • Spinnaker for Hobie Cat 16
    665,49 €
  • Snuffer kit
    Snuffer kit

    342,82 €